Friday, June 29, 2012

Goodbye California!

I'm enjoying Milwaukee so far the people are fun and I will say one thing they really know how to enjoy summertime here! But I am definitely missing walking on the beach, brunch, avocados, swimming pools, and the smiles of the people that I love.  

I am studying hard, learning a lot, and so thrilled that I am on the road to becoming a dentist! Wanted to share a few photos from my last week in California and from here on out ladies and gentlemen I will mainly writing about the midwest so get ready for it!!!  


{Running above Butterfly Beach, my favorite way to start a day!}

{Going away party: dancing and cocktails at the Biltmore!}

{Definitely would LOVE to vacation at this house when I come back to Santa Barbara!}

{Delicious picnic of mexican food with my amazing boyfriend Dan!}

{Running up north on the trail all unintentionally matching in hot pink lululemon!}

{ Beautiful friends (minus one...miss you Megan!) know I will have these ladies in my life forever! }

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