Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Makeup - Cheeks and Lips

As the leaves change inevitably so do the contents of my makeup bag.  No longer do I reach for my "Sugarbomb" blush and "Clementine" lipstick...now I am all about my new "Honey Mocha" blush (here) and my "Black Orchid" creme lipstick, both Laura Mercier. Summertime makeup is minimal, dewey, and non-fussy.  Fall makeup is richer and definitely more dramatic! Oxblood lipstick is a surprisingly easy trend to pull off! I have tried many on and definitely recommend the "Black Orchid" color (here) for a really subtle hint of oxblood or the "Merlot" color from the Dark Spell collection (here) for something slightly more intense. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Let's Talk about eyebrows

Lily collins who in magazines has been called the new "IT girl" is my eyebrow envy. Trying to grow out brows is a little like growing out bangs...awkward. I'm working on mine and wouldn't be able to get through it without my new trusty eyebrows pencil by my favorite Laura Mercier. My advice: as tempting as it is DON'T over pluck! Good luck!

Funny Friday

Here are two funny videos to start off your weekend...Jimmy Fallon is just the best! Have a fabulous Friday everyone! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Proposal (I'm ENGAGED!)

I am so excited to be able to say that I am engaged to Dan! I am so blessed to have him in my life, I know that being with him will mean that everyday I will laugh and smile.  

He recently surprised me in Santa Barbara, dropped to his knee on Butterfly Beach and proposed.  The entire evening was completely magical and one of the best nights of my life!  He invited my family, his family and some of our close friends.  After he proposed (and I said YES!!!) we went to the Biltmore for a champagne toast and delicious appetizers and then everyone migrated to the restaurant we had out first date for an amazing dinner! Then to top it all off there was a party at my sister's house with melt in your mouth cakes and chocolate covered strawberries.  

Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Sales!

I hope that everyone has relaxing end of summer/Labor Day plans for this weekend! Dan and I are planning on going to the massive Art Festival that will be held in the Milwaukee Third Ward on Saturday and then planning to have a relaxing BBQ Sunday evening.  

Milwaukee is hosting the 110th annual Harley Davidson Festival this weekend and so we are hoping to do a little people watching at it and then avoid the loud event all together. 

As I was browsing around online I ran across this round up of LABOR DAY SALES and wanted to share them with you! Enjoy the back to school and beginning of fall shopping.  This list includes Jcrew, Vince Camuto, and Bloomingdales...just to name a few! 



Photo from here

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Keds are for Kids...I think not!

Recently got some bright red Keds (yes I copied T-swift...) and they are so adorable and comfortable.  Athletic tennis shoes and jeans are a big no-no...but these Keds are simply charming! Wearing these around a city are a great way to be comfy without looking like a total tourist. Bensimon shoes (a French favorite) and converse (an American classic) are great alternatives as well! 

P.S. Check out the new Kate Spade for Keds they are fabulous! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Statement Necklace

I recently purchased the absolutely lovely necklace in the photo above at JCrew and have not stopped receiving compliments on it.  There are so many pretty ones on their website; some with only crystals and others with colors and unique textures. These are PERFECT for the woman who loves quality costume jewelry but who is not quite reckless enough to purchase a Dannijo necklace. 

Also there is an additional 40% off on sale items currently, AND if you are a student you receive an extra 15% off (in stores)! I got mine for $25 which is SUCH a STEAL! 

Here are a few of my favorites that are on sale right NOW! 
1, 2, 3

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Carolina Herrera

This summer while I was browsing around Neiman Marcus there was a Carolina Herrera trunk show.  The patterns and colors were absolutely stunning.  I loved seeing the blue floral dress that Lucy Liu wore to the golden globe awards.  Definitely did not buy one, but they are sure lovely to stare at! Above are my favorite two formal dresses from the spring/summer 2013 collection. 

Here I am wearing my new favorite jeans from a boutique in Los Gatos, my Alice and Olivia vest from Neiman, and my new Nine West shoes that I LOVE found here

Monday, July 29, 2013

Coral for Decor

Now that we have plunged into the depths of summertime I keep finding myself craving for a way to create a beachy California feel in my apartment since I will be moving back to Milwaukee soon.  I have found myself (on multiple occasions I might add!) staring into the windows of Pottery Barn and lusting over the decor.  What has caught my eye the most has to be the coral. I want coral on my desk, table, and in the bookshelves.  

You can find it here! Above is my absolute favorite called "fan coral".

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Run that Reminded Me...

So I realized that I have been avoiding running and so today I went...

It started out well, but soon into my jog I had to slow down and then after some time walk. The run I was so excited for turned into a walk and I was disappointed and discouraged. It is tough knowing that a mere 6 months ago I could run just about as far and fast as I felt like.  Running was a release, my time to process thoughts, and enjoy being alive. 

After heart failure I know that I can not expect to be in marathon shape and yet today when I was running alone I felt insanely discouraged...A short 5(ish) months ago I was laying in a hospital bed being told that I would probably not live and if I did that I would probably not be able to run again.  After my run today I was mad at myself for not going further and faster, but then I had to remember (with help from those who love me) that I am blessed to be alive and have my own heart. 

Sometimes we are humbled and have to remember to set realistic goals that we can strive for rather than setting ones so lofty that we cannot reach them and become too frustrated to continue trying.  

Thought for the day: "Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crop Top: Do or Don't

This season the crop top is everywhere...and no I do not mean wearing your normal low rise boyfriend jeans with a lacy bandeau (after all that sort of look is only appropriate at Cochella...or is it even ok there..?).  

I know that crop tops like the one below are having a moment and so much of me wants to get one to wear with a high waisted skirt (mini or maxi).  

My fear is that I will end up looking like 
a) that I am on my way to an indie festival 
b) that I am trying to dress up like Dionne or Cher from "Clueless"...

Crop tops here! Get them while they're hot! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Met Gala 2013

I am sure many of you followed the fashion at this year's Met Gala.  This years theme was punk, which I was sure I would not like, but as it turns out I LOVED it.  Everything from the studs to the plaid to the bright pink I want to integrate into my wardrobe.  Here are my favorite looks from that night, at the top of my list is the legendary SJP.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Linen Pantalones

Linen pants are my favorite new version of sweats! I HIGHLY recommend that everyone go get a pair! They are perfect over a swimsuit with a comfy tee or with an oversized sweater for a cloudy day. The only downside is that they wrinkle...

Here are a few examples that I found online for you all! 1, 2, 3.

I am wearing a hat from a boutique in downtown Los Gatos, a black simple tee (Nordstrom), a brown sweater I stole from my sisters closet (Old Navy), and green linen pants from a boutique, Angel, in Montecito.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

I have made a decision to start up my blog again after a very long break! I figured the first day of spring was the perfect time to begin again.  I am so excited that I am improving everyday from my heart injury and that I am cleared to work out.  There are so many wonderful things that I am looking forward to for this season: a trip to Milwaukee for Easter with Dan, a weekend in Miami to see a great friend, and spending time in the lovely California sunshine.  I am so grateful to be able to have this time with my family and I look forward to sharing about my year off with all of you! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hospital Stay

As you have probably noticed it has been quite some time (over a month!) since I have written on or visited my blog.  I promise I have a good excuse...

On December 16th I went to a local hospital by my parents house in California for what I thought was the flu.  Once I was there I was given fluids via IV, but I was not getting better.  Since I seemed to be declining rapidly the ER doctors decided to call in specialists and one of them was a cardiologist.  Once he came to see me the doctors were able to conclude that my heart was failing due to lymphocytic myocarditis.  I was transferred by ambulance to another hospital where I was given a temporary pacemaker.   Once the doctors realized that my heart was not beating at all on it's own the head cardiologist thought that I may need a heart transplant.  Soon after I was flown to Stanford on a helicopter and I was in the ICU there for over a week and a half.  I was given lots of medication to keep me going and after being there for a few days my heart started beating on its own.  After slowly weaning me off the medication they removed the pacemaker and decided that I would not need a transplant.  I am so grateful to have the care that I did and am also so thankful for my family who spent every day by my side even on Christmas! Thank you to everyone who sent me cards, flowers, gifts, and for all of the prayers! It is a miracle that I am alive and that I was fortunate enough to leave the hospital without any "hardware" (pacemaker).  

I am in a slow recovery process and trying to do a little more each day, but it is just so wonderful to be home! I am hoping to be back at dental school soon, but I want to make sure my heart is healthy enough before I return.