Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Perfect Black Pumps

Every girl dreams of owning a platform leather pair of Christian Louboutin heels...but since I currently do not have the cash flow for that sort of investment I have looked other places for the perfect heel.  I have patent black round toe pumps and I have nude platform stilettos, but there is something classic and essential about a black leather stiletto that nothing else can replace.  Yesterday in Nordstrom I stumbled upon these on the sale rack! They fit like a glove and were extremely comfortable the second that I put my foot into them... something that I cannot say about every 5+ inch heel that I have tried on.  I cannot wait to wear them out to fabulous holiday events all season long! 

{Dream Shoes:  Image found here }

{ My new shoes! Pretty close match if I do say so myself }

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bittersweet Transitions

This week I am enjoying the last bit of fall flavors and colors before we move into the Christmas season... it really feels like fall just arrived in California and I am sad to see the focus on it fade away.  It is incredibly bittersweet however because now beautiful Christmas colors, sparkles, and sequins are everywhere (especially in my recent wardrobe purchases). Last night we put away the pumpkin candles, lit the pine ones, and started decorating the apartment for Christmas, it looks incredibly festive... pictures to come! Have a fabulous Wednesday! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Monday Monday...

I apologize for being so MIA recently! I was home up in Northern California and it was wonderful! I spent the weekend laughing, smiling, eating, shopping, playing games, and just relaxing with my family and close friends.  Now I am back in Santa Barbara for a new week and to prep for the quickly approaching holiday season! Hope that you all had a fabulous weekend and Monday!

{ Image found here }

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Conquering the Pie

My dad has always been amazing at making pies and a year or so ago my sister mastered the skill.  I am not the baker in the family and so I was always scared of making a is a very intimidating task.  Yesterday my Dad offered to teach me.  I made crusts for three pies (under my Dad's guidance) and my sister made fillings for apple, pumpkin, and chocolate pecan pies.  They all turned out great!!! We cut into the pumpkin and chocolate pecan last night and I must say they are delicious! My favorite is the chocolate pecan.  I hope that you all take the day to enjoy family time and great food, and to reflect on what you are thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Williams-Sonoma Thanksgiving

Last week I went to Williams-Sonoma with a few girlfriends to attend a cooking class.  I have never had a huge part in cooking for Thanksgiving, but it was fun to go and learn new recipes and tricks for tomorrow.  They gave us tips for preparing the turkey and gave great ideas for side dishes.  My favorite dish that they demonstrated were brussel sprouts that were boiled until el dente, then sauteed in a pan with butter, onions, pancetta, and white wine.  I hope that you all have a wonderful time cooking today and tomorrow for the big Thanksgiving meal! 

{ It was so delicious that we all went back for seconds! }

Monday, November 21, 2011

Glitter Boots - DIY project

I ran across the idea for a DIY glitter shoe project a few weeks back and I fell in love. At first I was nervous to try the idea out.  I was worried they would look cheap or that I would end up having a glitter trail everywhere that I went, but after completing them I was so happy!  They turned out wonderfully and I have gotten countless compliments on them already.  I got the boots at Old Navy, used Mod Podge for an adhesive, and two types of copper glitter (a larger one for more shine and texture along with a finer one to fill in the cracks).  To make sure that the glitter stayed on my shoe instead of all over the ground I did a layer of adhesive then glitter...let it dry...then another layer of adhesive and more glitter, then let it dry overnight.  Then finally I sealed the glitter by brushing on a layer of adhesive thinned with water.  I did that twice and then BAM! Gorgeous glitter boots!!! A more detailed how to can be found here and here

Relaxing in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland

Two years ago I went to Ireland for a week as part of a study abroad program with Westmont College.  I love living in California, but I hope to go back and stay a little longer in the countryside. If you are interested in staying where we did you can find more pictures and information here. I would recommend vacationing here if you enjoy hiking, biking, cooking, and relaxing!

{My good friend, Becca, and I got some much needed relaxation time away from city life. Our leather jackets and scarves were lifesavers to our incredibly limited wardrobe options.}

{ And as always a touch of leopard and gold! }

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Movie Talk - Breaking Dawn Part I

So a few years ago I read the entire "Twilight" series...I did not want to start them, but I got sucked in and couldn't stop.  It was like trying to eat one M&M out of a candy just wasn't going to happen.  After I was finished reading I was very excited that there were going to be movies made about the book.  I went to the first movie and was highly disappointed! After that I told myself that I would never again go to a "Twilight" movie, but after months of "Breaking Dawn (Part I)" commercials I have been sucked in and am so excited to go! I hope that it lives up to the hype, but regardless I know that it will be a great night out with the girls! Have a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend! 

{ Here I am with a poster of Jacob in Rome when one of the other movies came out, but I can't remember which one it was. }

{ Team Jacob!! ;) }

Tough Girl Boots

Recently I picked up a new pair of black boots with gold stud detailing.  They are a little edgier than what I normally wear, but that's why I gravitated towards them.  Don't worry I am not going to go all biker-chic or goth on everyone, but a little hint of tough girl isn't bad every once in a while! Plus I got them for under $7, which is absolutely insane!! I can barely find a sandwich in this town for less than that.   Have a fabulous Thursday afternoon! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have always been one to gravitate towards strange fashion accessories.  Lately something that I am really wanting to try out is a turban.  I believe that they were popular in the late 30's and I know that in the past few years they have made a comeback, I think that with the right outfit and hair they can look absolutely fabulous.  What do you think about turbans? Would you try to rock one? I am going to order the one in the third picture (from asos)! 

{ Images 1 and 2 from here }
{Image 3 from }
{ Image 4 from here }

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dressing for Fall like a Gossip Girl

I enjoy watching the occasional episode of Gossip Girl, but I am not a diehard fan like many ladies out there...I am currently very confused with the plot, but I do watch it for the clothes.  I wouldn't say that I dress like any of the characters, but I always see pieces and concepts for outfits that I love! Here are pictures of Serena and Blair doing fall in their own ways...both FABULOUS!  

{ Blair always wears flattering, clean, silhouettes.  I love the pattered tights with the pop of orange from the bag.  I also am always a sucker for a knee length cream coat!}

{ If I had to describe Serena's style in two words it would be glamorous and bohemian.  I love how she pushes style boundaries by combining floral prints with sequin stripes, and brown leather with black would think that all of this would be over the top, but here she pulls the look off so effortlessly! LOVE IT!!}

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So This is Christmas....

It is still only the beginning of November and yet everywhere I look it seems like Thanksgiving has passed us by and it is Christmas time.  Maybe last year this was the case as well, but it seems to me that Christmas has arrived incredibly early this year.  Part of me knows that this is the stores way of getting us to shop earlier and spend more money, but the less cynical side of me wants to start playing Christmas music, start making Christmas ornaments, and eat candy canes.  So now I am left with a constant internal battle and also this very small, but delicious, peppermint mocha...Have a wonderful and cozy weekend! 

Elbow Patches

I have never been one to dress "preppy".  I can proudly say that I have never worn a polo (willingly) and I usually am not drawn towards plaid, but elbow patches are another story.  There is something intellectual and professorial about them.  They seem to give off the same effect as wearing glasses. I recently picked up this sweater at Zara and I love it. The cream colored knit and camel colored suede elbow patches have been the perfect combination for fall in California.  

{ Here I paired it with dark brown leather Ecco riding boots, a long necklace from Urban Outfitters, Pyramid earrings from Nordstrom, and my Michael Kors watch. }

Hurricanes and Gold

How perfect would these Rustic Hurricanes be for the holiday season.  I can see them as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner, or on the mantel with these candles, or filled with wine corks.  

Vintage and Modern

I came across this picture of Zoe Saldana on the "In style" look of the day and I loved everything about it. She is adorable and can pull off anything! I really like the updated color-blocked version of a flapper dress that she is wearing and how she modernizes it with black leather flat gladiator sandals, a chunky geometric necklace, and bold cuffs.  

If you are loving this look here is a necklace that I know would be fabulous with a dress like Zoe's or a solid color shift dress which would give off a more 60's vibe. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Couture Conditioning- BOOT CAMP

Yesterday morning I went to boot camp, it started at 6am and we left the house at 5:30! It was so cold and pitch black and part of me wanted to just stay in bed and keep sleeping...but I am glad that I didn't! It was a great morning, which has left me really sore today (in a good way!).  I highly recommend this boot camp! Plus my mom is the instructor and she will make you laugh while she is whipping your whole body into shape. I also loved that I got to see the sunrise while I was working out! 

{ } 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lovely in Lace

Although in times past dark lace was most likely associated with the bedroom, today it is appropriate to wear it out as long as you offset it with other fabrics, prints, and more conservative silhouettes.   Lace dresses and blouses are perfectly delicate and feminine but, with a sophisticated edge. Have a fabulous Monday! 

{How fabulous do Emma Stone and Michelle William's look!  Both of these outfits would be perfect for a cocktail party!}

{How great is this mix of lace, leather, and wool!}

{Can you imagine walking into a room with this dress would surely take everyone's breath away...}

Friday, November 4, 2011

Moon River

After wandering around the streets of San Francisco I began thinking about how wonderful it would be to live in an apartment with a fire escape.  I am quite certain that if I did live in a place that had one I would be too scared to go on it, or never actually have the need to use it.  But regardless of the reality, the idea is romantic...when looking up at these buildings all I could think of was "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and it made me want to sing Moon River...I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend and have lots of lovely plans lined up! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

...and I just can't get enough!

Yesterday I posted about sheer blouses.  I failed to mention however that as I was writing that post I was wearing this blouse.  Here are two other times (quite recently) that I have worn it.  I went to the Nordstrom sale yesterday and got a few new tops so I will mix up my daily apparel again soon.  I apologize to all of you who have seen me in the same outfit multiple times in the same week! Have a fabulous Thursday everyone! 

{Before an art show in Santa Barbara: worn with a vintage brown belt, Charles David leather boots, a rose gold Michael Kors watch, rose gold pyramid stud earrings from Nordstrom, and a bronze clutch from Kitsch Couture }

{ After an early dinner in San Francisco: worn with a J. Crew gold skinny belt, chunky gold necklace from Kitsch Couture, a Juicy Couture leather bracelet, green stud earrings from Anthropologie, and patent leather Michael Kors pumps }