Monday, July 30, 2012

"But it's worth it!"

Ran across this little saying on a study break and it fits perfectly how I feel today! I am currently studying (...cramming!) for finals and they end on Thursday.  I know that dental school will be extremely tough but I think that if I start everyday reminding myself that this is my dream then it will make the long 4-year journey so much smoother and enjoyable! 

Just got to keep telling myself "'s worth it!"

Hope that you are all having a lovely Monday evening!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missing out on Paris...

Today my mom and grandma are heading to Paris to meet up with my sister who has been studying art in Italy all summer.  I was supposed to also be on the plane with them today, but fortunately (doesn't feel fortunate today however!) I got into dental school.  Part of me feels like I would give anything to be with them right now because I am so sad to miss out on this absolutely incredibly experience...but I know that there is homework to be done and so I cannot focus on that.  I am so excited to hear about all of their travels and I will post some pictures for you all once they return.  I have been to Paris twice and cannot get enough of the beautiful scenery, countless sights, and divine food.  I am looking forward to going back after dental school, maybe as a little graduation gift for myself! 

Hope that you enjoy your Tuesday and that day dreaming of Paris gets you through the afternoon! 


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Monday, July 23, 2012

Unisex Sunglasses Obsession

So I have a tendency to wear things that are completely outrageous and usually way too oversized (much to the dismay of my boyfriend)...accessories are definitely no exception! Usually the bigger the better especially with jewelry and now SUNGLASSES! Earlier in the summer I picked these up for $12!!! Such a steal and I recently discovered that they look equally fantastic on men! Cannot decide whether men or women wear these better or maybe it is like a button down white cotton shirt...a tie between the sexes?! One of the guys actually decided to take them!! So, I am buying another pair because I decided that I simply cannot live without these for the rest of this incredibly warm summer...

P.S. - Like how I threw in my pic with all of the models?? ;) Why the heck not right?!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

A Week Full of Studying, Chicago Girls Weekend Ahead!

This past week there were a few things that I discovered... that the library is my new hangout spot, I will live in lululemon wunder under pants for the next four years, and that I am currently in the midst of falling deeper into my hot tea and dark chocolate addiction.  Dental "summer school" is really gearing up and this past week gave me a taste of what school will be like in the fall.  It was exciting, scary, and overwhelming all at once.  

Now that it is FINALLY the weekend and I have time to blog I am excited to share that I have the most amazing weekend planed with my good friend Becca from college! We are meeting in Chicago for a girls weekend full of shopping, eating, chatting, cocktails, laughing and relaxing.  I am taking the train into the city in the morning and could not be more thrilled. 

Hope that you have an absolutely fabulous weekend ahead!!! 


{ Cannot wait to see this beautiful lady ! }

Monday, July 16, 2012

California Pillows

I am so excited to have my lease start in August, I am already daydreaming about how to decorate and make it the perfect study environment/ hibernation cave in the wintertime! I want my apartment to be cozy, warm, welcoming, and full of color! I ran across these pillows the other day and I think that I need all of them to remind me of the beautiful California sunshine! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Day of Baseball... Dental School Style!

This past weekend was "Thriller at Miller" which is a huge competition between the Marquette University Dental Students and the Medical Students from the Medical College of Wisconsin.  There were softball games all day and the final game (aka most important game) the Dental School Team won!!! It was a fantastic day full of new friends, BBQ, beer, and baseball! After the tailgate we all migrated over to Miller Park for a Brewers game...and as usual I ate way too much Kettle Corn.  It was the perfect "All-American" day and I am convinced that dental students are just too much fun! 

Happy girl at the baseball game! Sporting Marquette gear!!!

Racing Sausages! 

...this is disturbing...only in the Midwest...

Miller Park!!!! Retractable Roof = AMAZING! 

In Milwaukee at a Brewers game... seemed like the most appropriate time to have my first Miller beer! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pull Yourself Together....

Hello everyone I apologize I have been such a slacker on my blog upkeep!!! I promise that as I adjust to living here and school it will get better.  Today is one of those days I am sitting in my horribly warm and gross dorm room craving the beach and California.  Milwaukee has a lot to offer but without a car my choices are limited and I am starting to feel rather antsy.  

I am so excited for August, my new apartment, new friends, Dan coming to Milwaukee!!!, and to be able to cruise around town and drive to the lake for a run whenever my little heart desires.  In conclusion I am a little homesick and am thinking that I need this sign hanging above my bed...