Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Run that Reminded Me...

So I realized that I have been avoiding running and so today I went...

It started out well, but soon into my jog I had to slow down and then after some time walk. The run I was so excited for turned into a walk and I was disappointed and discouraged. It is tough knowing that a mere 6 months ago I could run just about as far and fast as I felt like.  Running was a release, my time to process thoughts, and enjoy being alive. 

After heart failure I know that I can not expect to be in marathon shape and yet today when I was running alone I felt insanely discouraged...A short 5(ish) months ago I was laying in a hospital bed being told that I would probably not live and if I did that I would probably not be able to run again.  After my run today I was mad at myself for not going further and faster, but then I had to remember (with help from those who love me) that I am blessed to be alive and have my own heart. 

Sometimes we are humbled and have to remember to set realistic goals that we can strive for rather than setting ones so lofty that we cannot reach them and become too frustrated to continue trying.  

Thought for the day: "Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can."

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  1. Hi beautiful lady! Congratulations on your engagement! When I saw that on FB, it made me smile huge for you and Daniel; I am so happy for you guys. It also reminded me that it had been a while since I'd stopped by here. Lovely to see your thoughts and words. I, for one, am among the many who are so glad that you are with us, and as strong and courageous as you are. I can't imagine what the transition from such as experience is like, but I"m rooting for you all the way. So much love!