Monday, February 27, 2012

Academy Awards

Last night I had some friends over for an Academy Awards party and we had a fantastic time drinking champagne and enjoying some of a fudge brownie pie.  The show was so wonderful to watch and I was excited for all of the actors, actresses, directors, producers, ect...that won an oscar! I was especially thrilled to see "The Artist" win for best picture and to see Jean Dujardin win an oscar for best actor when he only said two words in the entire movie! All that I can say about that is WOW!!! 

Another reason to watch "the fancy superbowl" (aka the red carpet portion of the show) is obviously to see the amazing dresses and breathtaking jewelry.

I enjoyed seeing all of the fashion last night! So many of the women perfectly embodied old hollywood glamour...the '20s hair, diamond jewelry, and sequined gowns! Other actresses, like Michelle Williams, looked fresh, youthful and modern which I also loved! Here are my top three pics from the night, but there were so many stunning gowns it was so hard to choose! Which were your favorites...and least favorites? 

And here is Hollywood's new leading man accepting his Oscar for best actor. So handsome!  

{ Dress Images found here }
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