Monday, April 23, 2012

Bold Beautiful Brows

Its amazing how something as silly as eyebrows can make such a style beauty statement.  I think that many of us women have fallen victim to over-plucking...after all in those magnified mirrors how can you get two perfectly symmetrical brows?!  

Camilla Belle is prime example of perfectly bold brows, they are definitely not pencil thin (so not a good look), but at the same time they are not bushy and un-ruley (also not a good look).  I recently purchased the eye brow pencil below and LOVE it! It stays on in the misty rainy weather, lasts all day long, and enhances my natural brows and shape.  If you aren't into the idea of a brow pencil try Benefit's "Brows a-go-go" which comes with eyeliner, eyebright, tweezers, and roommate has this product and loves it! 

{ Image 1 found here, Image 2 and 3 found here}

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  1. o0o now im going to have to go get one! I over plucked the other day.. wooops! i think its best i start leaving my plucking to a professional haha