Thursday, August 11, 2011

Small Details

I haven’t started working yet and so I spend most of my day in the apartment finishing the rest of my dental school applications.  Since I am spending so much time there I really want my apartment to feel more like a home.  I decided that it is the small details that will make the apartment more welcoming, unique, and cozy.  I am still working on the "bigger picture", but here are a few things so far that I really love.

{ Here is the centerpiece for the kitchen table, I used the vases that I acquired while traveling, and the strawberry salt and pepper shakers that I got because they are adorable! }

{ Bright orange fruit bowl! ENJOY!}

{ My favorite pillow that perfectly matches my new red reading chair! }

{ I just need to get some candles and flowers in these and I will be set! }

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