Monday, July 23, 2012

Unisex Sunglasses Obsession

So I have a tendency to wear things that are completely outrageous and usually way too oversized (much to the dismay of my boyfriend)...accessories are definitely no exception! Usually the bigger the better especially with jewelry and now SUNGLASSES! Earlier in the summer I picked these up for $12!!! Such a steal and I recently discovered that they look equally fantastic on men! Cannot decide whether men or women wear these better or maybe it is like a button down white cotton shirt...a tie between the sexes?! One of the guys actually decided to take them!! So, I am buying another pair because I decided that I simply cannot live without these for the rest of this incredibly warm summer...

P.S. - Like how I threw in my pic with all of the models?? ;) Why the heck not right?!

{ Images from here, here, ME, and here }

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