Friday, July 20, 2012

A Week Full of Studying, Chicago Girls Weekend Ahead!

This past week there were a few things that I discovered... that the library is my new hangout spot, I will live in lululemon wunder under pants for the next four years, and that I am currently in the midst of falling deeper into my hot tea and dark chocolate addiction.  Dental "summer school" is really gearing up and this past week gave me a taste of what school will be like in the fall.  It was exciting, scary, and overwhelming all at once.  

Now that it is FINALLY the weekend and I have time to blog I am excited to share that I have the most amazing weekend planed with my good friend Becca from college! We are meeting in Chicago for a girls weekend full of shopping, eating, chatting, cocktails, laughing and relaxing.  I am taking the train into the city in the morning and could not be more thrilled. 

Hope that you have an absolutely fabulous weekend ahead!!! 


{ Cannot wait to see this beautiful lady ! }

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