Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missing out on Paris...

Today my mom and grandma are heading to Paris to meet up with my sister who has been studying art in Italy all summer.  I was supposed to also be on the plane with them today, but fortunately (doesn't feel fortunate today however!) I got into dental school.  Part of me feels like I would give anything to be with them right now because I am so sad to miss out on this absolutely incredibly experience...but I know that there is homework to be done and so I cannot focus on that.  I am so excited to hear about all of their travels and I will post some pictures for you all once they return.  I have been to Paris twice and cannot get enough of the beautiful scenery, countless sights, and divine food.  I am looking forward to going back after dental school, maybe as a little graduation gift for myself! 

Hope that you enjoy your Tuesday and that day dreaming of Paris gets you through the afternoon! 


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  1. I know I honestly had a mini meltdown earlier about not being able to go!! I just have to keep telling myself I love the library, I love the library haha! ;)