Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Favorite Part of Fashion Week!

This week as you well know is fashion week and as much as I LOVE dental school part of me thinks that it would be amazing to be in the world of fabulously dressed people! Instead I am in scrubs...but thanks to technology I can watch many of the shows from NYFW and see pictures from all the events right here from my desk in Milwaukee! 

Not going to lie but my favorite part of following fashion week isn't seeing the actual shows, but instead the street style.  It just amazes me at the confidence that some of these women have.  I am going to post the looks that I would love to try to incorporate more into my look for fall.  

After looking through pictures I am seeing a lot of oversized costume jewelry (especially necklaces), tribal prints, and faux fur coats! So excited about all of this! Have any of you been following fashion week? Seeing any looks that you love or do not love for fall??

Images from here and here

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