Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sky-High Heels

The other day I was in Nordstrom and I stumbled upon a pair of six-inch heels.  I own my fair share of very tall stilettos and wedges but nothing quite like these.  I was supposed to be walking back out to my car, but having the shoe department by the exit is far to distracting.  Naturally I stopped and proceeded to try on the sky-high platforms.  They were definitely fun to strut around the shoe department in, but it made me wonder whether a heel this tall is practical...after all Lady Gaga has worn heels that have made her a foot taller! The more that I thought about it we have taken this trend right out of the seventies, my personal favorite style decade. Would you be daring enough to wear heels this high?  I am clumsy so I think that I better stick with shoes that keep me under five foot six. 

{ These are the ones I tried on at Nordstrom, love the Leopard...the height was a bit much for me }

{ Saw these online...I must say the combo of the mustard yellow suede with the snake skin is fabulous }

{ These are 10 inch heels on sale here ... they are pretty unbelievable, and they come in many different colors tall! }

{ And the winner is Lady Gaga with the sky-high heels that basically defy gravity }

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