Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monterey for the Day

This last week has been wonderful.  My boyfriend was in town and we had lots of fun plans, so I apologize for my lack of posting! One of the first things that we did was go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I loved seeing all of the fish and other marine animals that they have there. I am continually amazed by the striking colors and patterns of the marine animals.  We also were able to see the otters play and eat.  They are adorable! I really wanted to jump into the tank that they were in and swim with them, but decided against it last minute.  I recommend visiting Monterey to anyone that would like a fantastic day or weekend trip! 

 {These fish covered the ceiling in the one of the rooms it was breathtaking }

 {I could not get over the pattern on this eel, the stripes are so distinct! }

 {I think that jellyfish are very intriguing.  The way that they look and move is so interesting. }

{ The view from one of the decks at the Aquarium.  The beaches were so pretty and when I looked into the water I could see starfish. }

 { Seeing all of the colors in this mini reef made me want to go snorkeling! }

{ This little penguin loved the cameras, he was posing for pictures all morning. }

 {Salt water taffy at one of the candy stores in Canary Row in Monterey... so many different kinds! }

 {Standing by Zoltar, I couldn't resist, it reminded me of the movie "Big". }

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  1. Monterey Bay Aquarium is the best. So is salt-water taffy.