Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Closet of My Dreams

So recently I have come across a few pictures of amazing closets that I thought only existed in my dreams (or in princess movies)! I have designed mine in my head and let me just say that there is a golden chandelier, leopard print carpet, an awesome giant wall of shoes, and the list goes on! Obviously this lovely thought will not be fulfilled any time soon but hey it's nice to dream right?

Here are a few examples of closets that I am sure you all will love...

{ Eva Longoria's closet... she always looks so fabulous! }

{ Kim Kardashian's closet..I like the dark wood and chandelier, but please tell me why someone who lives in LA needs this much is never THAT cold... }

{ I like the sunny and fresh look of Whitney Port's closet... shoe wall = amazing! }

{ Images from here and here }


  1. I absolutely LOVE Whitney's style! I'd definitely want her closet!

  2. I know her closet is phenomenal! She just started selling some of her line on I haven't checked it out yet but I am sure that the pieces are fantastic!