Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its a Small World...literally!

For some reason I have always loved looking at maps...this could be for many different reasons but the ones that stick out to me are...
1) I definitely need to have a better sense of geography, for some reason what I learned in elementary school didn't completely stick...weird...
2) I want to travel all over the world and I enjoy looking at a globe and seeing that there are many more places that I have yet to explore.
3) I think that they look completely awesome on a desk, in a bookshelf, or placed on a mantle. 

I had a globe pillow exactly like this one when I was little (that I think my parents still have at the house) and I loved it, but I think that it is time I graduate to the big girl version! 

Other awesome ways to decorate with maps here

{ Images found here , here, and here }


  1. ummm obsessed! your too creative, i love this!

  2. haha thank you! Lets go shopping soon for my apartment you can help me interior decorate!