Thursday, October 20, 2011

Race Time!!

Races are always so much fun! I love being surrounded by thousands of other people in the crisp morning air who are all as excited as I am about running.  Everyone is encouraging and many of the runners have inspiring stories that they are happy to share.  Adrenaline is always high during a race especially in a race like the Nike Women's Marathon where there are people (and drumlines!) all along the course to keep you going.  Here are a few pics of the crowds and exciting festivities! I highly encourage everyone to try to train for, and run, at least one race in their lifetime.  I am convinced that everyone can do it, especially since I just saw on the news that a 100 year old man just completed a full marathon (thats 26.2 miles pepole!!) 

{ Excited runners looking for their names on the wall outside of the Nike store in Union Square }

{ The view from our hotel room of the race starting line around 6:15am. }

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  1. Kudos! I'm not so into the racing things, but I saw the story about the 100 year old man and it was sort of inspiring.