Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes Fashion... the fabulous and the faux pas...

Sunday evenings tend to be fairly low key and so last night I was enjoying the tail end of what was a wonderful weekend and decided to catch part of the Golden Globes.  Most of the time I watch award shows mainly for the fashion and soooo here are my three favorite looks of the night as well as my least favorites. 

FAVORITES! Top Three...

{ I absolutely LOVE this dress...the metallic color is amazing on her and I really like how she kept the rest of the look simple with a pulled back up-do and a green cocktail ring. }

{ Charlize Theron always look stunning but I really like the dress she chose for last night. I am usually a girl that loves color and shine but this blush pale pink colored gown is perfect for her.  The shape of the dress is unique and the shimmer on the headband and the belt adds the perfect amount of glamour. }

{ I would love to wear this dress.  The bodice of the dress is absolutely fabulous and the pleated black long sequin skirt is to die for! Plus I am completely envious of her ombre wavy hair and long golden earrings! }


{ I have never been a big fan of neon colors especially neon colors and black.  The neckline of the dress and the skirt make this dress look very dated...and not in a good way. The only positive thing about this look in my opinion is her hair color with her blue eyes (and the tiny tuxes that she had painted on her nails). }

{ There is not much to say about this look other than I just really do not like it.  I think that I would have been OK with the dress without the red strip up on the neckline.  }

{ A straight across neckline with hot pink reminds me of a 90's prom dress....enough said... }

{ Images found here }

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