Friday, January 27, 2012

Test Tube Chandelier

Throughout my college career my "science" girlfriends and I loved all things nerdy as well as glamorous and luxurious. The other day I saw these test tube chandeliers on the blog "Design Sponge".  I love how the artist arranged the test tubes and then added colors and flowers to transform these glass vials into a beautiful chandelier.  I want to try to make a mini version of this to hang in my room! 

{ Images found here on one of my favorite blogs Design Sponge}


  1. Seriously it makes me smile when I look at it, so damn creative! :)


  2. aww beautiful!! =) thank u for sharing. I like best the one with colors, way more original

  3. great post honey, i really love it!
    nice to meet your blog


  4. Oh wow, those are actually really awesome! Really creative too :)

  5. I know aren't they amazing! I would love to try to recreate one...and Elle I totally agree the one with the colors is my favorite! I guess now I need to go back into the chem department and convince them that I need a large amount of test tubes to preform an experiment (aka recreate this!!)