Monday, November 14, 2011

Dressing for Fall like a Gossip Girl

I enjoy watching the occasional episode of Gossip Girl, but I am not a diehard fan like many ladies out there...I am currently very confused with the plot, but I do watch it for the clothes.  I wouldn't say that I dress like any of the characters, but I always see pieces and concepts for outfits that I love! Here are pictures of Serena and Blair doing fall in their own ways...both FABULOUS!  

{ Blair always wears flattering, clean, silhouettes.  I love the pattered tights with the pop of orange from the bag.  I also am always a sucker for a knee length cream coat!}

{ If I had to describe Serena's style in two words it would be glamorous and bohemian.  I love how she pushes style boundaries by combining floral prints with sequin stripes, and brown leather with black would think that all of this would be over the top, but here she pulls the look off so effortlessly! LOVE IT!!}

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