Monday, November 21, 2011

Glitter Boots - DIY project

I ran across the idea for a DIY glitter shoe project a few weeks back and I fell in love. At first I was nervous to try the idea out.  I was worried they would look cheap or that I would end up having a glitter trail everywhere that I went, but after completing them I was so happy!  They turned out wonderfully and I have gotten countless compliments on them already.  I got the boots at Old Navy, used Mod Podge for an adhesive, and two types of copper glitter (a larger one for more shine and texture along with a finer one to fill in the cracks).  To make sure that the glitter stayed on my shoe instead of all over the ground I did a layer of adhesive then glitter...let it dry...then another layer of adhesive and more glitter, then let it dry overnight.  Then finally I sealed the glitter by brushing on a layer of adhesive thinned with water.  I did that twice and then BAM! Gorgeous glitter boots!!! A more detailed how to can be found here and here

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