Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

It is now that time when all of our advent calendars should be out so that we can begin the countdown to Christmas.  Currently in my apartment we have two chocolate advent calendars, which we are very much enjoying.  When I was younger however we didn't have chocolate calendars (probably for the best!), but we had a big felt tree that we put up on the wall in the kitchen.  Every day we would hang little old fashioned ornaments onto pretty hooks that are sewn onto the tree.  When we were younger hanging up the last ornament on the morning of Christmas eve was a huge deal, all three of us kids wanted to hang that ornament...let's just say that it was quite the race to the kitchen!  What does your family do to count down the days until Christmas? I ran across this cute idea for an advent calendar yesterday and I think that it is adorable! 

{ Image found here }

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