Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The "Yule Log" Channel and a Space Heater

I love how cozy my apartment feels especially since it is almost Christmas, but there is definitely something missing...and that something is a warm, crackling fireplace.  Luckily we have a backup (a space heater on while the TV is on the "yule log" channel) but that is not quite the same.  The summer before last my family went on an RV road trip to Yellowstone to stay in the Old Faithful Inn.  They had the most amazing stone fireplace there and I would love to have a (much smaller) stone fireplace in my house someday. 

{ Old Faithful Inn fireplace... isn't it amazing!! }

{ Lake Placid Lodge fireplace...I love the leather chairs and leopard pillows! } 

{ This is what the "yule log" channel looks like...pretty realistic, if you have a good imagination you can almost feel warmth radiating from it! }

{ Image 1 from here, Images 2 and 3 from here }

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