Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Creating the Perfect Cat Eye

Over the years the amount and type of makeup that I wear has varied, but one style that I always return to is the cat eye.  It is retro, yet modern, and looks perfect paired with jeans and a t-shirt, or an elegant cocktail gown.  Depending on the thickness of the eyeliner the look can go from sexy, to subtle, to flirty.  

There are a few keys that I have learned to create a desired look that WILL stay all day! First of all remember to use a good eye shadow base or primer on the lid to decrease the chance of smearing.  Second choose your type of liner wisely.  I have discovered that pencils, although easy to use, are not the best if you want to create a clear and long-lasting cat eye.  Out of all the liners that I have tried I prefer this smudge pot from Bobbi Brown in "Caviar Ink" and this liquid liner from Stila in "moss".  

When applying the liner make sure that you pull the lid tight so that you can create a smooth line.  Start lining on the inner corner (not actually in the corner but a few centimeters away) then keep the brush moving in a slow fluid line until you reach the outer corner of the eye... now here is the tricky part.  You don't want the cat eye to stick straight out so instead try to curve the brush upwards, almost so that it follows where your eye lashes naturally go.  Then make the look as dramatic as you want by adding thickness. I prefer to not line the bottom, but if you do decide to don't line all of the way across the bottom. The last step is to curl the lashes and apply a coat (not too many coats!!) of your favorite mascara... here is mine! Good luck and I hope that you rock this look for the holidays! 

Hint: For ultra longwear spray this on your works wonders for me! 


{ Perfect cat eye!! Image found here }

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